Let’s travel back to July of 2011, July 24th to be exact. It’s my amiga y hermana Bris’ birthday. Cheyenne, Bris, and I make each other REALLY nice cards (meaning detailed) as a birthday present (to a stamper/papercrafter this is a BIG deal).

I wanted to make Bris a really fun card that included the three of us going somewhere. Somewhere away from house cleaning, bills, laundry, animals, children, ……… I know what you’re thinking and I’m not going to say it, but you know I left something out of the list. This does not include a tub full of Calgon. LOL

I had seen a variation of this card on a website (no, I don’t remember where, but the gal had some awesome paper pieced cards). So, out came the punches, paper, and inks. Punch, punch, cut,cut,cut, sponge, sponge, glue, glue, and there you have it! We’re riding in a HOT red sports car an unknown tropical location (obviously, no palm trees in North Georgia). No matter where we are, if it’s the three of us, we’re laughing the whole way there and back.


I really love this card! 🙂